Amsterdam a stunning little city

Impressive canals, beautiful architecture, shopping, and more make Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands famous worldwide with its laidback style and the charm of an ancient European city that can offer something to suit the most discerning of travellers. There is much that one can enjoy with the locals at festivals or cultural and historical events throughout the year.

Canal cruises are a fine example of what one can experience while in Holland. There are a good number of tour operators that offer cruises that are for about two hours and give the visitor a glimpse of the city from the canal, and a glimpse of the architecture that makes this city so unique. There are also boats that are for rent so those with an adventurous spirit can tour the canals at to themselves.

If movies are your game then do not be depressed, there are no fewer than 55 different cinemas located throughout the city. While walking to or from the cinema you can also enjoy one of the many walking tours that are available for example the Amsterdam Dungeon, the Heineken Experience, the Vodka Museum, New Amsterdam and even more.

The MEETin club is another great place for visitors or holidayers. You can meet new friends and out of the typical pick up bars and other dating places. Futsal the traditional football sport that is enjoyed by many is another way to make friends and pass time. But the biggest reason people come to the city is for its festivals and events that cater to the arts and culture.

Chinese New Year is celebrating in February with festivals in the area of Chinatown. When April rolls around the birth of the Queen, Queensday is celebrated and if it is your first visit you may wonder what the see of thousands of people wearing orange and celebrating her birthday really means and in May you can enjoy the Art Amsterdam festival.

Four different events are celebrated in June with the Holland Festival, the Taste of Amsterdam, Open Garden Days and the Amsterdam Roots festival. Following that is the July Dance, Vondlpark open air theatre, Amsterdam international fashion week, De Parade, Canal Pride and many others that will make the visitor want to return just to enjoy what he missed the first or even second time.