Adventure holiday companies cancelling breaks in Egypt

As the violence in Egypt continues to grip the country, most adventure holiday companies are choosing to cancel all trips to Egypt for a few couple of months. The current chaos in Egypt is associated with the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi. All Holiday trips to Egypt are cancelled until October 5, except for resorts in Red Sea Region. As a matter of fact, even the travel companies offering cultural and adventure trip to Egypt cancelled their holiday.

The tour operators involved have just recently issued a statement indicating that the UK Foreign Office strongly discouraged people to travel to Egypt until the situation gets better. Those customers who will lose their holidays have been contacted directly to try and reach a mutual solution.

The statement also said that the companies would be reviewing the current situation in Egypt and we will do this on a weekly basis. Furthermore, after October 6, 2013 they will be looking for tours and will be informing our customers over the next coming weeks. They will once more contact the customers to let them know about the changes and have said they will be more than willing enough to book the customers onto another tour. If the customer doesn’t want to be directed to another tour, then they will be more than happy to give customers a full refund.

Exodus is also planning to cancel trips to Egypt until the end of August. On the other hand, Thomson re-routed their cruise to Ag Nik, Crete and Haifa, Israel. First Choice and Thomson also cancelled their outbound flights to Luxor, Egypt. Although trips to tourist destinations in Egypt are being cancelled, The FCO assured the traveller that they are still allowed to visit the Red Sea Resorts. This famous holiday destination is actually separate from Egypt.