Adventure Holiday Choices

With the world becoming increasingly smaller thanks to the ever improving airline services, many of us are choosing to take one long haul holiday in a year rather than two closer to home. Destinations such as China, Africa, South America and the like are seeing a surge in popularity amongst British tourists and it’s easy to see why.

The countries that we have only previously read about or seen on TV or in the movies are now accessible to everyone and have much to offer even the most discerning traveller. There is so much to see and do here that it is little wonder that so many are choosing to explore this great world of ours and making the most of their travels, instead of lying by a pool in a crowded resort on the Med.

One area in particular whose popularity is growing at an amazing rate is that of safari holidays. While these are traditionally associated with Africa, a safari is a wide umbrella that encompasses many different types of safari, such as jeep and balloon. It does tend to be the traditional safari that belongs on most people wish lists; going out into the African bush seeking big game truly is an experience of a lifetime.

Countries such as Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya and Mozambique all offer great safari trips where you travel out in jeeps, camp under the stars and get the once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the greatest creatures on earth living and going about their daily routine in their natural habitat. Walking and kayak safaris are also extremely popular in this part of the world, and the photographic opportunities are priceless.

Adventure holidays on a whole is seeing its numbers increase year on year as tourists embrace the opportunities that are available to us these days. These needn’t necessarily involve the kind of white knuckle activities that appeal to true adrenalin junkies, family holidays that combine adventure and activity into a holiday are becoming increasingly appealing to families looking for something extra from their holiday.

Jeep or camel safaris in the deserts of Egypt, rafting, horse riding, walking and cycling are all activities that are finding their way into more and more holidays, and its great to see families embracing these kind of holidays instead of just sticking their kids on a beach with a bucket or spade, or expecting them to entertain themselves in a pool all day.

If are considering more adventurous on your future holidays, check out the many websites online where you can find any kind of adventure or activity holiday to suit your personal preference. Whether you are looking for thrills and spills or something at an altogether gentler pace, there will be a holiday to suit you.

Family holidays are very precious, as the way the years seem to fly past your little ones are soon teenagers and young adults who no longer want to go on holiday with mum and dad. By taking them on a holiday full of adventure they will have the time of their young lives, and create memories that will stay with them well into adulthood.