Adrenaline Skiers Ski in Zermatt, Switzerland

If you ski in Zermatt you can be assured that you will be in one of the best ski resorts in the world. Zermatt, Switzerland is the most southern of Swiss ski resorts, nestled below the renowned and iconic Matterhorn some 14,691 feet at its peak. Due to its high altitude and glaciers Zermatt is assured to have snow all year round for skiing and snowboarding.

Zermatt Skiing Terrain

Basically, there are four areas in which you can ski, the area at Matterhorn Ski Paradise and the three separate areas within it, known as the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Schwarzsee Paradise, the Gornergrat and the Rothorn. There is also a lift that links Zermatt to its Italian neighbour’s resort of Cervinia.

Skiing downwards from an awe-inspiring height the terrain encompasses trails that are long, wide, well groomed and fast, some 15 kilometres plus of mogul covered runs, skiing through trees and gentle areas for beginners only.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Schwarzsee Paradise

The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Schwarzsee Paradise are the largest skiing areas in Zermatt and the most popular. Whilst skiing in Zermatt along The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise take the opportunity to visit the highest sightseeing point in Europe.

The Schwarzsee Paradise is an idyllic location that is more suitable to beginner and intermediate skiers whilst steeper powder covered runs in Trockener Steg is more apt for the advanced skier.

Beginners Skiing

At the top of the village in the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise there are wide, open runs which are favourable for beginners to learn how to ski. Although it should be said that skiing in Zermatt with its imposing mountain areas, may not suit the shy timid learner, but may be inviting to the beginner who is up for a challenge. There is a children’s ski school at ‘Wolli Park’ on Sunnegga Paradise ready to play and have fun with magical carpets and rope lifts.

Intermediate Skiing

The Zermatt ski area is ideal for the intermediate skier. All 3 areas within the Matterhorn Ski Paradise area provide a vast array of blues and reds including some splendid runs at the foot of the Matterhorn.

Advanced Skiing

Zermatt has it all for the advanced expert skier. There is the Triftji Bumps Bash competition every year, high quality mogul skiing, steep gullies and a variety of black and yellow runs providing a challenging ski.

Matterhorn Ski Safari

Try the Matterhorn ski safari to explore and discover the Matterhorn Ski Paradise. The safari is an all-day affair where you get the opportunity to take in the majestic and imposing Matterhorn skiing area of Zermatt and the neighbouring resort of Cervinia in Italy. The Matterhorn Ski Safari includes more than 32,800 vertical feet or 10,000 meters of terrain without following the same runs or lift twice.

The maps of the piste show a succession of trails that begin at Rothorn Valley Station, through Cervinia and back to Rothorn. Sometimes you should ere on the side of caution and check weather conditions before taking this trip as high winds can have an effect on the lifts between Cervinia and Zermatt causing them to close and leaving you trapped in the valley.