A weekend of Diving in Nha Trang

Located on the south central coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang is a popular destination with Vietnamese tourists, backpackers in town to party and affluent travellers on the South Asian circuit. The beaches are thought to be some of the most pristine on the country’s 200 mile coastline but I was here for one thing – the diving. Any scuba diver enjoying holidays to Vietnam simply must stop in Nha Trang to see what is on offer.

For a country with such an abundance of coastline, it seems strange that there is only one scuba diving hub. The advantage of this is that there is a wealth of tour operators catering to your diving abilities and desires. Be sure to shop around to find the tour that suits you best.

The area is known for its mild ocean temperatures, extensive coral biodiversity (over 300 species) and an abundance of marine life. One extra appealing factor is that sightings of anything scary are very rare and the largest thing that you are likely to come face to snorkel with are moray eels or the odd reef shark.

The most popular dive spot is Hon Mun Island just an hour or so’s boat ride from Nha Trang’s port. The journey is scenic and calm and provides ample opportunity to chat with your instructors about the dive sites and also provides you some bonding time with your new diving buddy if you find yourself travelling alone like I was.

We dived on four sites on my day scuba diving in Nha Trang and each was more impressive than the next. Here is a brief run down of the sites I recommend you try to visit:

1 – Big Wall.

This site is a vertical wall where you can descend down as far as 35m. The coral is teeming with curious marine life and exploding with colour. If you are lucky you might catch site of some bigger fish the deeper you go. I was treated to sightings of grouper and jack fish.

2 – The Cave

This was my favourite of the sites. The gentle sloping reef turns into a cave which you can swim through and I have never been surrounded by so many fish in my life. There were lionfish, parrotfish and anemone fish – or as he is better known – Nemo!

3 – Moray Beach

This is an unusual dive which afforded me my first ever sightings of moray eels. The dive is shallow and there are lots of bizarre rock formations which provide perfect hiding places for the morays.

4 – Madonna Rock

This shallow site provided us with some mysterious swim throughs and sightings of lionfish and scorpion fish.

If you are in to diving and are passing through Nha Trang, make sure that you take the time to don your scuba gear and explore. The warm temperatures, lack of currents and spectacular visibility make diving in Vietnam an unmissable experience.