A visit to the Petrovaradin Fortress is a must when in Serbia

If you are visiting Serbia than one of the attractions you should definitely come to is the Petrovaradin Fortress. Throughout history this fortress in Serbia has never been successfully invaded and today it is a museum that has various artefacts from the prehistorical era of Serbia, as well as many artefacts from more recent history. There is also a planetarium and observatory here which visitors will be sure to enjoy.

One of the most popular towns to visit in Serbia is Sokobanja. This is a spa town that has many accommodations for guests and there are all of the modern amenities you might expect. If you are looking for relaxation, tranquility and peace, then this is one of the best towns that you could choose to visit in Serbia.

If you are visiting Belgrade, then you should go to the zoo that is at the heart of the city. This zoo is called the Good Hope Garden and it is particularly interesting because it is a place where animals that have been abandoned in the wild are taken in and cared for. Here you will find over 2000 animals that have been taken in, as well as a huge number of domestic animals that have been rescued.

Another great attraction in Belgrade would be the National Museum. In this museum you will find around 40,000 different pieces of art which date from a wide range of time periods in Serbia’s history. This museum has a particular focus on the Yugoslavian leader, Josip Broz Tito, and in the museum you will find many of his personal possessions.

One of the most haunting attractions in Serbia has to be the Skull Tower. This is a tower that contains nearly 1000 skulls of rebels and the Serbian army. They were killed during the Ottoman Empire revolution in 1800.