A trip to South Africa is a once in a lifetime experience

South Africa offers its visitors an encounter like no other as it is situated at the southern tip of African continent boasting a 2,500 km coastline that runs along the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Sea. This part of the continent provides rich cultural and wildlife adventures to its wide-eyed visitors.

Waiting for you on your South African tour are dozens of majestic elephants playing on the muddy waterhole. Lazily sprawled under shady trees are female lions with their cubs wrestling nearby. You may even get lucky and spot some zebras, gazelles, warthogs, and even giraffes munching on some leaves.

It’s the ultimate wildlife experience for people who know how to appreciate the rustic beauty of nature. In some countries you may be offered beautiful landscapes, beaches, and caves, but when you’re in South Africa you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at incredible landscapes, incredible marine life, exciting safaris, and come face-to-face with the region’s special attraction: meerkats.

When visiting the continent, you should plan it carefully to get the full experience of the place, especially if you’re coming to South Africa for the first time, it’s good to book your trip through a reliable agent. One notable agency for providing exceptional tour services in the area is the Rainbow Tours.

Visitors can choose the type of adventure, which appeals to them most. They have a pool of highly dependable consultants who are always willing to help tourists get the best experience out of South Africa. The agency also provides guests with a number of choices for their accommodation.

Guests may spoil themselves to any of the regions’ five star hotels or keep things nice and easy with traditional lodges or sign up for exciting safari camps. Nightlife in South Africa may even surprise you with its wide selection of swanky bars and restaurants, which you can only find this side of town.