A trip to Kalkan

If you are craving the sun, the beaches and the laid back lifestyle of Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline but want to stay away from the crowded resorts such as Marmaris, a trip to Kalkan could be just what you are looking for. An idyllic and serene resort that is bathed in sunlight and shows of the beauty of Southern Turkey at its best, a holiday to Kalkan tends to be based around the expanses of golden sand and the top class restaurants.

Kalkan has long been a favourite of the travel writers, with The Independent rating it as one of the world’s top destinations in 2007 and the Guardian singing its praises by describing the town as “the Italian Riviera without the poseurs”. It has a reputation of being somewhat of an upmarket resort, and whilst it costs a bit more to stay here than in the larger towns, those extra few lira are worth their weight in gold for the sheer quality to get everywhere from the hotels to the bars.

What many visitors do not realise is that Kalkan is not one of your purpose built resorts, and it in fact boasts a longer history than almost any other European resort. It is the epitome of Turkish culture and heritage and has everything you could possibly want for a hotel, whether you are travelling as a couple, a family or with a group of friends.

The heart of the town is its stunning harbour, which has been in existence since Roman times, and is now peppered with tasteful bars and restaurants and is a stunning place to sit in the evening watching the sunset. If you visit Kalkan one year it will be exactly the same the next time you return as the planning restrictions are stringent and the town what to keep its pure Turkish ambience and not succumb to mass tourism, and that is a breath of fresh air in the modern world.