A Holiday On the Cards

If taking cards on holiday seems old fashioned or dull ­– think again. A humble pack of playing cards needn’t be a boredom-only option – in fact, you might not realise how much fun they can provide. Fortunately, a pack of cards can fit inside even the smallest person’s pocket, and can be incredibly versatile too. From solitaire for adults, to card tricks for kids – just picture playing poker in a country pub, or a long, lazy game of rummy over a bottle of wine. It sounds like an essential part of your travel bag now, doesn’t it? Read on for lots of ideas on how the whole family can enjoy card games on holiday!

Games for Kids

There are a number of fun card tricks for kids available online. Little ones might need some help getting to grips with the hand-eye coordination needed, and you may find that normal sized playing cards are too big for small hands – so look out for tricks designed for young children. Challenge your kids to learn some card tricks during a long and boring drive, with the reward of putting on a show for you once you arrive at your destination. You might even find they’re far too busy to ask “are we there yet?”

Communicate Without Language

Nowadays, with all-inclusive package deals up for grabs, it’s cheaper than ever to escape to Europe at the shortest of notice. If you’re looking to make friends with the locals during your travels, why not break the language barrier by producing a pack of cards? Believe it or not, it’s possible to play most card games without much explanation required, and it can be a hilarious experience. Failing that, you can always reply on classic and universal games like poker – and who knows, you might even win a free drink!

Loser Does Camp Chores

When it comes to camping, some like to go all out, and others like a little luxury! Either way, playing cards can be an excellent activity. Whether a lazy distraction on a relaxing glamping trip, or as entertainment round the campfire – games can be enjoyable alone, as a couple, or as a family. Why not use poker as a way of settling who does the chores? Simply write out what needs doing and when, e.g. “Monday – dig latrine trench”, “Wednesday – get fire going at dawn”, and put on your best poker face to win an easy week.

Pass the Time

Whether we like it or not, there’s always going to be an occasional moment of boredom on holiday. Your flight might be delayed, rain could confine you to your tent, and you could lose your book or find your phone has run out of battery. So, becoming absorbed in a game of solitaire might just make the time pass a little quicker! If little ones are getting antsy, keep a running tally of how many games of snap they can win, and encourage some friendly competition whenever you hit a delay. A tasty treat, or a promise of a prize from the gift shop might just divert their attention long enough to give you some peace!

Cards have been providing us with entertainment for hundreds of years, and they’re unlikely to go out of favour any time soon. So if you like to meet new people, relax, or simply have a laugh – look for a box in your local stationers or gift shop, and wherever you go: never travel without them!