5 Alternative Travel Destinations

Bored of the same old holiday destinations every year? Wish you could come up with something a little different, rather than booking the same package tour you’ve been going on for the past decade?

Well, you might be surprised by how easy it is to book some time in a country you’ve never visited before…

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has been growing in importance on the world stage for some time, and it’s an excellent time to visit and witness the progress first hand.

Tour operators like the Baltic Travel Company can get you there by coach, by rail or as a fly-drive holiday, helping you to explore the whole region without any difficulty.

If you’ve never been to Eastern Europe, it’s worth a trip, if only to gain a new appreciation of the sheer variety of landscapes and communities that exists within the space of a single continent.


If Eastern Europe isn’t your thing, then think about heading north to the Scandinavian countries instead. Again, you can easily find tours to the locations you’re most interested in, or to gain a general overview of these countries.

Whether you head up to Lapland to visit Santa Claus, take in the might and majesty of the massive boreal forest, or trek out into the night in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis, there are truly unique opportunities to be found here at the edge of European civilisation.

South Africa

For a beach holiday away from the thronging crowds of southern Europe, try South Africa’s Garden Route, a coastal belt of mild climates and lush vegetation that contrasts starkly with the perception of Africa as a desert continent.

Cape Portfolios is one accommodation provider in the area, and can help you to find a private villa where you can return home from a busy day of hiking, mountain biking, sunbathing or simply exploring, and fall into a luxurious bed, bath or dip in the pool to relax.


A little to the east of the mainland African continent, Mauritius is a perennially popular holiday destination, but many people have never thought of heading there for a break.

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, while treating yourself at the same time – a stay on Mauritius will make you the envy of your family, friends and colleagues, while putting you in a holiday paradise that you’ll want to return to again and again.

The Himalayas

A holiday on Mount Everest might not seem like the obvious way to spend your summer, but Shakti Tours can help you to explore this deeply spiritual region without disturbing its ecology or local culture.

Responsible travel is a growing concern in tourism, and specialist tour operators can give you the peace of mind that you’re exploring a part of the world that is still relatively untouched, without putting it at risk of damage for future generations.

With independent commendations for their commitment to responsible tourism in recent years, Shakti Tours is just one of the companies operating with an impressive concerted approach to conservation in the Himalayas.