101 Things To Do and Places To See in Saint Lucia

Best selling author Russell Streeter wants to get you out of your hotel to experience the wonders and delights that this beautiful Caribbean island has to offer!  

“With her romantic beaches, geological wonders and lush tropical flora, it’s easy to see why Saint Lucia is called the ‘Helen of the West Indies’!” said Streeter. “Whether it’s the world’s only drive-in volcano, the unspoiled rain forests, noisy waterfalls or soothing natural springs, Saint Lucia boasts some of the most beautiful nature in the region.”

Her famous Pitons have been named as one of the world’s top five must-see spectacles, while her dramatic land and seascapes continue to provide ideal settings for films and reality shows.

This colourful and handy new book features engaging descriptions of 27 beautiful beaches, 55 varied attractions and 19 fun activities, plus a guide to local cuisine and summaries of the major scuba diving sites around the island.

Visit Morne Fortuné and be transported back to a time when the British and French battled with musket and canon for the Island’s treasures. Wallow in the warm mineral baths that are said to relieve rheumatism, sore joints and stress. And sample the local cuisine, a delicious blend of African, European and Amerindian influences.

Following the tried and tested format that made his debut travel guide, 101 Things To Do and Places To See in Barbados , so successful Streeter, who was born and raised in the neighbouring island of Barbados, enlisted the help of local experts to find the best sources of entertainment and relaxation for visitors.

“Saint Lucia is too beautiful to spend your whole holiday lying on the beach or stuck in the hotel. With maps, addresses of attractions and contact information for many of the island’s tour guides and activity providers, your only challenge will be deciding which of Saint Lucia’s many wonders to leave until next time!”

101 Things To Do and Places To See in Saint Lucia was officially listed on Amazon for purchase March 1, 2016. Both a Kindle and Paperback edition are available at incredibly affordable prices.

For more information, or to purchase the all-encompassing Saint Lucia guide, visit: http://www.amazon.co.uk/101-Things-Places-Saint-Lucia/dp/0993431801.